Sporting Wellness – our support services are available during the Coronavirus lockdown.

We all know that uncertainty can breed anxiety.  While all major sporting events and summer sports have either been postponed or cancelled, for good reason in the interests of public health and safety during the Coronavirus pandemic, it could be a particularly anxious time for young sportspeople of all disciplines.

So it’s reassuring to know that our awareness raising work, and the one to one support mechanism that Sporting Wellness has at its heart, are still very much open for business through these more difficult times. 

For years an sportspeople will be aiming for an immovable date, be it the Olympics or start of their chosen sports season, and when that date is moved, cancelled or just thrown into total uncertainly, those years of planning and training are also thrown into disarray, which can certainly be a trigger for mental health issues.  

This is where Sporting Wellness comes in – any UK based representative, professional or semi-professional sportsperson, aged between 16 and 30, can access our one on one support mechanism, be it of course remotely during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

For more general support and to join in with conversations that open up the topic of mental health in sport, we have a strong online community via our social media channels, plus further resources and links from this website.  We look forward to chatting with you!

Every sportsperson deserves professional well-being support. If you need some help, we are here
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