New Nationwide Study on Health Behaviours During Covid-19 by UCL, CRUK and Public Health England

Sporting Wellness are supporting and promoting a new Nationwide study that UCL, CRUK and Public Health England have launched.

As we near the (possibly temporary) end of the most stringent lockdown measures during the current pandemic, this study seeks to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the health behaviours that contribute most to avoidable deaths in the UK, including poor diet, low physical activity, excessive alcohol use and tobacco smoking. We hope this study will aid us in developing support to help people make health-protective changes to their behaviours during and following this pandemic.

As a charity we have seen an increase of young sportspeople reaching out to us for support and we recognise the importance of understanding how Covid-19 has, and still is affecting the population of the UK.

Anyone can complete the survey and further information can be found here UCL Study on Health Behaviours during COVID-19 (HEBECO) study summary (1)

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