Half Marathon Fundraiser for Sporting Wellness

Sporting Wellness supporter Ashley Spall is running a half marathon around South Warwickshire to raise vital funds to enable us to continue providing mental health support to young sportspeople.

At a time when the charity has seen a 493% increase in sportspeople reaching out to us for mental health support, now more than ever is fundraising a crucial part of our future.

Ash has suffered from mental health issues, and knows the importantance of the assistance that can be required. He also understands how hard it can be to reach out and get help.

We are pleased that Ash wants to help Sporting Wellness and he recognises that as a small charity, we are working hard to provide mental health support for young sports people across the UK.

We have all had to endure the lockdown since March and at the start of it Ash set himself a challenge, that he would run a half marathon. This isn’t an official event he’s attending, he’s genuinely going to step outside one day and just run a half marathon.

Ash is currently using the Nike Running App as they have a half marathon training program and he is keen to sign up to 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons in the future. The plan is also to step the training up to a full marathon in the near future.

Here at Sporting Wellness, we really appreciate any fundraising that is done for us and we will be following Ash and our other fundraisers progress over the coming weeks.

If anyone would like to make a donation to Ash’ fundraising, here is the link:

Ash Spall Half Marathon Fundraiser

You can also follow Ash’ progress on instagram @ash.spall

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