How to become a Sporting Wellness Ambassador

One of the questions I get asked often is ‘how do I become an Ambassador for Sporting Wellness?’.

It’s great to see so many of you really keen to represent our charity and to try and help raise awareness, so I can’t thank you guys enough for that.

The idea of having Ambassadors for Sporting Wellness has been around pretty much since the idea to start the organisation. The thought is that ‘if an individual who their contemporaries look up to, is seen supporting mental health in young sports people, then someone with an issue will be more likely to open up about it’.

The roles of an Ambassador are:

  • To spread the message of positive mental health in young sportspeople, where ever they can.
  • To promote our cause on social media.
  • Participate in official events whenever possible.

One of the defining characteristics of all of our Ambassadors is that they care about the cause. This feature is far far more important to the Sporting Wellness team than anything else.

We want our Ambassadors to be individuals capable of positively influencing the youth sport community into being more open and aware of mental health issues, both sport and non-sport related.

Obviously, as we are a heavily sport-related organisation, our Ambassadors do need to be involved within sport. This can be a coach or an sportspeople, as we don’t have an age cap on our Ambassadors.

Although sports people make up our Ambassador team, you do not have to be an elite sportspeople playing international sport.  The whole idea of Sporting Wellness is to help support sportspeople progress their career in sport and so to champion our cause – you don’t have to be at the height of your career!!

We are also looking for individuals who are unique and can add value to Sporting Wellness. If you ask yourself the question ‘what can I do to help Sporting Wellness raise awareness?’ and can’t think of an answer, you probably don’t fit the role of an Ambassador.

One of the factors that definitely DOES NOT influence our decision on who becomes an Ambassador is followers on social media platforms. An Ambassador for Sporting Wellness that is passionate about the cause and raises awareness single handedly, is much more valuable to us than an amount of followers. One of the key things we are trying to achieve is to create a positive culture for mental health in young sports people.

In summary, in order to become an Ambassador for Sporting Wellness, keep promoting our cause as best as possible and tagging us (@sportingmindsuk) in your sport related photos. Our Ambassador team will keeping an eye out for you and will contact you if we feel we should have you on board. 🙌

Thank you,

Callum Lea

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