The 12 Half Marathons of Christmas

We have some amazing fundraising challenges taking place in the run up to Christmas 2020.

Kieran Mc Morran and Liam Atkinson ready for the 12 days of Christmas Marathons

Pictures are Kieran McMorran and Liam Atkinson, ready for the challenge!

A group of old King Edward VI Stratford school friends are running their very own 12 Marathons of Christmas!  James Lees, the 26 year old tasked with bringing together, what he calls lightheartedly, a group of “seriously unfit blokes” to undertake this unusual challenge, explained further. “Our good friend, Kieran McMorran, very sadly lost his younger brother in tragic circumstances last month. So in loving memory of Zak, 13 of us are challenging ourselves to run a Half Marathon relay through Stratford. Taking into account current Tier and social distancing regulations, we aim to complete the equivalent of 6 marathons within 24 hours over the weekend of 18th and 19th December. Every year we come back together in Stratford from across the country for a Christmas pub crawl. However, this year we’re raising money for Sporting Wellness, to give hope and support to Zak’s family and other young sportspeople who are having a difficult time.”

Zak McMorran was himself a dedicated and talented young sportsman, particularly excelling in rugby, up to County level, and had been proud to represent Warwickshire.  So it is very fitting that the team of friends are raising money for our charity. At a time when we’re seeing a significant increase in young sportspeople reaching out for our mental health support, now more than ever, fundraising such as that which James and his friends are organising is a crucial part of our future.

Callum, our Founder said “What James and friends are doing for us in memory of Zac, himself a talented young sportsman who is so much missed, is just fantastic and very much welcomed.  It’s a fact that those with existing mental health conditions are struggling more than usual, while many who have never experienced mental health issues before are experiencing anxieties for the first time.  We know this from the many calls for support we have received from young sportspeople over our first year. This pre Christmas fundraising challenge, along with others that are taking place, will go a long way to help us to help others.” 

To support James and friends in their fundraising and to make a donation, please go to:

We also have rugby player Juan Andrian encouraging donations for Sporting Wellness while he is growing his hair which he is then giving to the Princess Trust, Max Read and friends who are running 569.1 kms in a month representing the 5691 lives lost to suicide in 2019, Edge Hill Athletics Christmas Fundraiser, the University of Worcester Women’s Rugby running their own Marathons in Lockdown2, Josh White running 30km’s to celebrate us reaching 30k followers on Instagram in memory of Jeremy Wisten, and Iona and Jess running 202 miles.  If there’s anyone we’ve missed undertaking fundraising challenges in the run up to Christmas, please let us know!  We wish you all the very best of luck, and a massive thank you!   We’re almost there with our target to raise £10,000 by the end of December to celebrate our first Anniversary, please see:

First Anniversary Campaign at JustGiving





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