500th referral with word spreading among the UK’s young sportspeople

147 further requests for support from young sportspeople during January and February 2021, have meant we have reached our 500 referrals milestone, rather sooner than expected this year!

It seems that word is spreading far and wide amongst young sportspeople across the UK, that our service can be trusted, is an easy process to follow, and offers real and tangible support to help to understand and get through difficult times and mental health struggles. In fact, some young sportspeople who’ve approached us for support, have told us they found out about us through a team mate or friend recommending us after they themselves had used our service. This is very reassuring and great to hear.

The range of sports we’ve had requests from for support has really expanded – we receive a steady flow from the more usual football, rugby, boxing, netball, hockey etc, but more recently we have also received requests for support from young people whose specialist sport is surfing, futsal, artistic swimming, bodybuilding, fast pitch softball and also esports.

Callum Lea, our Founder said ”When Sporting Wellness launched its support system back in January 2020, supporting just one individual sportspeople would have made all the work worthwhile. To think that in just over a year we’ve been able to provide over 500 young sportspeople facing mental health struggles with free, professional, private mental healthcare, is far beyond any of our initial expectations. Now that more young sportspeople across the country are recognising us as the easily accessible and go to option for support, it’s everyone’s job and our mission here at Sporting Wellness to keep working on behalf of the sportspeople, to encourage greater positive mental health in sport.” 

None of this would be possible without our growing band of supporters, who have been undertaking some fantastic fundraising challenges over the last few months, and more to come! Every penny raised helps us to help others, and sets us on our way to support a further 500 young sportspeople!

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