Launch of the Sporting Wellness Podcast

Since the charity was founded in 2019, Sporting Wellness has been committed to providing support for young sportspeople struggling with their mental health. We also wanted to help breakdown the stigma that is attached to mental health, to encourage open and honest conversations about our wellbeing. As the charity has grown so has the need for us to expand our communication methods.

Sporting Wellness Podcast

We thought that there is no better way to talk about mental health than with a Podcast. So, the Sporting Wellness Podcast was created. Our founder Callum has been instrumental in setting the project up and has enlisted the help of two former professional sportsmen, Olly Westbury and Ben Twohig. The premise is to discuss the everyday battles that professional sportspeople face, and also to raise awareness of the ups and downs that come with the territory of earning your living in sport. We hope that the discussions that take place on the Podcast will resonate with young sportspeople who may be suffering from similar issues, and be of general interest to the wider sports community too.

The podcast launched last week and during the first episode, Ben Twohig talked about the effects that a long-term injury can have on your mental health, after Ben suffered an ACL tear back in 2019. He talked us through the coping mechanisms he used to keep himself upbeat, and gave out some crucial advice for anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer any injury and knock on effects.

Over the coming weeks we hope to talk through a variety of different topics, and we will be joined by some very special guests.

We relish and encourage interaction on our social media accounts, and if you have any questions for the guys, then please do get in touch! Listen here:
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