Sporting Wellness x Swansea University Working Together

Sporting Wellness is delighted to announce that we are working together with Swansea University to support the mental health and well-being of its sports scholars.

Sporting Wellness and Swansea University working together, will enable all sports scholars to have free, confidential, 24/7/365 access to the Sporting Wellness support system that includes:

  • A 24/7/365 support line for over-the-phone counselling
  • Structured counselling sessions
  • Access to in-house legal advisors
  • Access to LiveChat or email counselling
  • Extensive self-help resources
  • An Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programme.

The support provides complete confidentiality and will cover all mental health states, providing help no matter how big or small the issue may be that they are facing.

In addition to this – Sporting Wellness will also be delivering on-site talks and workshops to educate scholars on the basics of positive mental health and emotional well-being as well as collaborating on numerous awareness raising campaigns throughout the year.

Our new relationship with Swansea University is another significant step forward towards ensuring as many representative sportspeople in the UK have access to professional mental health and well-being support. An sportspeoples university years can be a challenging time balancing life with sport. Ensuring access to professional services is crucial for this demographic and were hugely appreciative of how proactive Swansea University have been in their efforts to ensure the best possible provisions are put in place for their scholars”.  – Callum Lea, Founder and CEO – Sporting Wellness.

“We are excited to announce that Sport Swansea will be working together with Sporting Wellness, to provide mental-health and wellbeing support to our sporting scholars.

The care and wellbeing of our sportspeople across Sport Swansea is our number one priority, so we are excited to develop this relationship with Sporting Wellness, where they will provide free and confidential support to our scholars 24/7/365”. – Verity Cook, Swansea University.

About Sporting Wellness

Sporting Wellness was launched in 2020 as the UK’s first centralised, mental health support system for any representative UK sportspeople aged over 16. The formation of the charity came as a result of the lack of access to professional mental healthcare for those who were not necessarily professional sportspeople in mainstream sports.

To date, Sporting Wellness has provided free, professional, and confidential mental healthcare to over 1,800 sportspeople in 114 sports.

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