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Sporting Wellness was there for me when I needed them the most. I am a dancer at a Performing Arts University. I was struggling with severe panic attacks, anxiety and depression stopping me from taking part in daily classes, affecting my overall performance and general wellbeing. The support Sporting Wellness have given me was invaluable. It has always been very easy to get hold of someone for support and they are all very friendly.

After an assessment over the phone I was recommended CBT therapy. The process of getting a therapist was very quick, and I got treatment very soon after contacting them. The therapist they provided has been amazing. Without his support and Sporting Wellness funding all of the sessions I needed, I wouldn’t have improved to the point of having no panic attacks and being able to manage my anxieties. My therapist has been very adapting, and I continued the treatment throughout lockdown over skype. I am now excited about returning to university in September and participating fully again.

I would always recommend Sporting Wellness to anyone who needs advice or someone to talk to with or without a diagnosed mental health condition. As sportspeople, we are always under a lot of pressure to perform and improve every day, therefore talking about mental health is more important than ever so it is amazing that a charity like this exists to help.

Every sportsperson deserves professional well-being support. If you need some help, we are here
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