Sporting Wellness – 2nd Annual Charity Ball

On Saturday 25th March 2023 we held our second annual charity ball at The Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton.

With over 160 guests in attendance, it turned out to be an outstanding night, raising over £18,000 for Sporting Wellness through our auctions, raffles and donations. This is absolutely vital funding for the charity and will enable us to keep providing the sportspeople of the UK with free and professional mental healthcare.

Callum Lea, Founder & CEO said: “Saturday’s charity ball was a huge success for Sporting Wellness. The amount of support we received on the night, not just financially, but in people’s spirits as well was incredibly uplifting and only motivates us to keep working as hard as possible to ensure we keep hitting the charity’s objectives”.

Our thanks go to all who came to support the event and contributed to such a fantastic atmosphere and fun filled evening.

We hope everyone enjoyed the occasion and we can’t wait for next year!

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