Fundraiser – 1000 k’s and runnin in 100 days challenge

Fundraising is a key activity for Sporting Wellness and without people raising money for us, we would be unable to provide the vital support to our country’s young sportspeople.

Karl Frost is a support of the work we do at Sporting Wellness and you can read here, his motivation to help raise money for us:

Sometimes in life a personal journey must begin with one simple step and this challenge is no different.

This is not an organized event, this is purely a personal fundraising challenge that I am taking on to raise awareness and help provide support to enable positive mental health in young sports people across the UK and to encourage anyone and everyone to find the courage to speak out!

The current situation the world finds itself in has given us all time to reflect but has also presented many untold challenges for people living with the lockdown struggling with their wellbeing and mental health.

In all walks of life our daily lives have been affected and we’re all having to adapt at great speed but that is not always easy.

This challenge launched during Mental Health Awareness Week with the wonderful support of Sporting Wellness is to help spread the word of the unique one to one mental health support mechanism they provide for young sports people, which is much needed in these difficult times.

We all have our own personal journeys or have been touched by someone we know who may be suffering with their wellbeing or anxiety, dealing with sporting pressures or simply everyday life we are put through.

My personal experiences as a Football coach for over 15 years, I’ve seen up close the day to day highs and lows young players go through and this brilliant charity is there to offer support for young sports people.

We may not have all the answers but the more we can talk the easier it will be’.

You can follow Karl’s journey from 1st June 2020 on his instagram page @1kjackal and donations can be made via his dedicated JustGiving page:

Justgiving Karl Frost


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